Want to Make a Million Dollars Trading, Sitting at Home, In Your Underwear?

 Million Dollar Trader !
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  • Young Guns! Discover why "dumb young kids" make the best traders (provided they have this one trait)
  • ​The Jaw-dropping philosophy of a multi-billionaire bastard trader. The guy will make you sick, but his ZINGER is ingenious and can make the good student ZILLIONS! (, page...)
  • The Naked Truth about Wall Street Insiders - how understanding them, gaining access to them, can make you Millions
  • Books to read
  • ​Where I (not you) get trade ideas
  • ​How I applied trading to make millions, outside the financial markets!
  • ​My advice to young'uns 
  • ​Keywords to spot trade-tards on the WWW
  • ​Truth about hedgefunds
  • ​You'll discover proper trading terminology - paper monkey, shooter, 
  • ​Bazillion secret ways traders have made money
  • ​Inside look at insider trading (how I was victimized) 
  • ​How high school grads in the trading pit worked their way from the "mailroom" to trading at the highest levels.